Lori Little :

I believe that pets do so much for us, they truly give us unconditional love! They enrich our lives by bringing us joy and happiness, in some cases they become our children. So that’s why I believe they deserve the very best care! I treat all the pets I care for like they are my own! So that includes talking to them a lot! Yes I have conversations with my dogs! I love my job and this company! All of our sitters love what they do as well! Our mission at Hill Country Pet Nanny is to provide the best care possible! We want our clients and their fur family to be happy and at ease during times apart.

Joy Taylor:

Joy grew up in Louisiana but spent 17 years in Colorado before moving to Lakeway in 2018. Now this is home for her, along with her dog Koda and two cats, CC & CleCle. Joy is a retired Project Manager/Business Analyst, but loves pets and the outdoors. Joy has her Veterinarian Assistant certification. When Joy is not caring for our wonderful clients, you will find her and Koda walking/running at Lakeway Public Park or on Lakeway Blvd path!