Hill Country Pet Nanny is owned and operated by Lori Little.

Lori has always had a great love for and a deep desire to work with animals, so when the opportunity arose to be a part of Hill Country Pet Nanny, she quit her corporate job and jumped at the chance! She now feels blessed to be right where she should be! She has been the proud owner since 2016. Beforehand she was working as an Escrow Assistant for many years.

Lori is also a former nurse and has a degree in Allied Health. Lori has worked at many Animal Hospitals and Veterinary Clinics and has also volunteered at Austin Pets Alive!.
Lori is certified in Pet CPR and First Aid. She has completed online courses in animal training and pet sitting. Her love of animals is what keeps her rooted in this business as she strives to provide clients peace of mind while they are away!

Lori is committed to working hard, providing excellent service, and developing strong relationships with their human clients and fur clients!